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Become a Yoga Teacher

Teacher Training
200-Hour Approved Yoga Alliance

Weather you are interested in deepening your own practice or you feel the call to teach, the Om 200-Hour Teacher Training {TT} program is committed to the personal success of each participant. Students will learn to communicate the practice of Yoga to others with the highest level of skill while honoring their own unique skills. The teacher training program will broaden your view on yoga, meditation and sequence building.

Teacher Training Program

Om’s 200-hour Teacher Training program is a serious commitment for participants and teachers.
A deposit is required to hold your space for a session. To reserve your place in the training you may contact me at to request and interview and application. Vegetarian lunch is provided for this training.

Tuition: $3,100

Cancellation & Refund Policy

All Payments must be paid be full one week prior to start date.
Refunds for cancellations up to two weeks prior to date of teacher training minus processing fee.
If it is necessary to withdraw from training once it has begun, the student will be able to take the remaining portion at the next teacher training {space permitted}. There will be no monetary refunds.
Books, Supplies and Workshop Fees are non refundable.
Om reserve the right to reschedule the TT start date if the number of scheduled is too small.


Following successful completion of the TT program students will receive a certificate to be used for Yoga Alliance registration.

    Yoga Teacher Training topics include:

  • Alignment and the posture of Vinyasa
  • Yoga history and philosophy
  • Basic anatomy
  • Sequencing
  • Pranayama breathing techniques
  • Teaching and communication skills
  • Meditation
  • Nutrition
  • Community Project & Charity
  • Career
  • Yoga business



Graduation Requirements

To graduate a student must complete all requirements with a cumulative grade of 90% or above. Grading criteria includes written exam, hands on techniques, homework, attendance and timely completion of all homework and assignments.
One hundred percent attendance if required. Any missed hours will have to be made up before graduation. Any training outside of the classroom will be a $50 per hour cost.
A missed weekend training with no notification is assumed withdrawn.
Students are expected to notify Om if they intend to withdraw from the program.
Cancellation of classes due to weather may occur. Students are responsible to call the school to find out if class has been cancelled.
With agreement on both sides the Teacher/Instructor may agree to work out alternative hours and dates to accommodate your schedule.