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What We Do

Yoga Stretch

Great way to start your day with deep breathing and stretching. This class will ease you into your Asana and

Powerful Pose Yoga

This class was designed for anyone who cannot go down on their hands or knees on the mat. This class

Beginner’s Yoga

This class is built for the individual who has never done Yoga. After a short consultation is completed and it

Hot Yoga

The room is slowly heated allowing your body to easily adapt to the heat. This class focus on energizing the

Who We Are

My name is Evangeline and I am the founder and owner of Om House Of Yoga. I was introduce to yoga at a very young age watching my grandmother Theresa practice every morning at sunrise. However I didn’t start yoga until much later in my life and even then I didn’t apply yoga to my life. I practiced but it was more for the physical appearance and not for the mind or spirituality. I am a 3rd Degree Black Belt in Shorin Ryu Karate, Certified Kick Boxing Coach and Self Defense Coach. I am a certified Yoga Teacher with 200 HR & 300 HR Teacher Training. I am currently working on my 700 HR Teacher Training. When I started teaching Yoga it was to bring Yoga to my community to anyone who couldn’t afford Yoga and today at Om we never turn anyone away.

I was pretty much a street kid poor and even homeless at times but with the help of a school teacher and a Karate teacher they helped me to see that my life was worth something . My childhood was filled with violence, abuse and even torture at times. Domestic violence was an everyday norm in my house and we lived in terror. I build classes to accommodate the person who comes to me for Yoga training based on their personal needs weather it’s pain management, weight loss, healthy lifestyle, trauma, etc. I have developed the following trainings Yoga & Meditation For Trauma Survivors, Standing Poses for anyone who cannot go on the hands or knees, and Om Domestic Violence Retreat. Om’s Yoga Teacher Training is offered once per year and students are hand picked after a series of interviews to make sure that the student takes this training as serious as I do.

My name is Evangeline and I am the owner and instructor at Om. Come join me for a great class filled with fun music and yoga poses. Try something you’ve never though you could do while learning to calm the mind and strengthen the body. We will shape and strengthen our bodies, bring our minds to an amazing place of calm as we focus on positive energy to create positive things in our lives. But most of all we will sing, dance and have the best fun!